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Two full articles from this month's e-newsletter.  To sign up for yourself, and get loads of special offers and free downloads, simply click HERE

1. Winter Birdfeeder

2. Green Flag Ambassador award



With the cold winter days and nights, and the hardening grounds, birds are once again struggling to stay well fed, so why not give them a helping hand?

Making a bird feeder will encourage birds to visit your setting whilst also making children aware of the changing seasons and the ways they affect wildlife and fauna.

What you’ll need to make the WINTER BIRD FEEDER

-      Birdseed

-      Butter knife

-      Paper plate

-      Pine cone

-      Ribbon

-      Scissors

-      Smooth peanut butter

-      Ribbon


Why not include ‘gourmet’ extras for the birds?  You could also add chopped nuts, sunflower seeds or chopped up dried fruit.



-      CUT a long length of ribbon to hang the bird feeder on the tree

-      TIE a knot in the ribbon around the pine cone, near the top

-      MAKE a loop at the other end of the ribbon (to hang the feeder)

-      PLACE the pine cone on the paper plate

-      USE the knife to spread peanut butter inside the pine cone and all around the edges

-      ROLL the pine cone in the seeds (mixed with any of your ‘gourmet’ extras!)

-      HANG the bird feeder

-      ENJOY watching the birds feeding at their new restaurant!



To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Eco-Schools programme in England, Keep Britain Tidy is proud to announce the launch of the brand new Eco-Schools Green Flag Ambassador Award

A Green Flag Ambassador Eco-School is a flagship of the Eco-Schools programme that has developed an understanding of all nine topics and ensured sustainability is embedded into the curriculum. The Eco-School has strived to successfully deliver change in the culture of the school.

Ambassador Eco-Schools will be able to demonstrate successful pupil and community interaction and are willing to support and share information and advice with other schools.

Think you have what it takes? Click HERE to apply for the award.

Still striving to gain the coveted bronze, silver and green flags? Then why not sign up for a free trial on all four Eco-Vision titles?These fabulous resources contain all the information you need, along with piles of curriculum links and whole school learning.


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